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Lomeho LO-V06 Dual Handheld VHF Frequencies Dynamic Capsule 2 channels Wireless Microphone for Karaoke System


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2 Handheld VHF Wireless Microphone Dual Way VHF Cordless Microphone for Karaoke Live Show

1. Key Point:

1) VHF Band Fixed Frequency

2) Transmitter: 2 pcs plastic handheld microphones

3) Receiver Front: Plastic Box,ON/OFF Button,Individual Volume Knob, AF/RF Indicator

4) Receiver Back: one 1/4″ Mixed output, Power input.

5) Working Range: up to 65 Feet ( over 20 meters ), Suit for karaoke, speaking, party, church, etc.

6) Battery: 4*AA (not included in the package.)

Packing list:

Working range:

2. Receiver :

Receiver size:

Receiver function:

1). Power Switch:

A) Link the power adapter to receiver power socket,then link the power adapter to 220V power.

B) Press the receiver power button , the receiver is on “working” status.

2.6). AF Led Indictaor

when RF indicator is on, microphone A/B power is on

A) Microphone A/B pick up the sound, the AF light is on

B) no sound is picked up, the AF light is off.

3.5). RF Led Indictaor

​when the receiver is on working status,

A) Microphone A/B no power, left/right RF light is off

B) Microphone A/B is on, left/right RF light is on

4). Power light:

When receiver is powered, the light will be on.

7.8). Volume Knob:

clockwise: volumn from low to high

anticlockwise: volumn from high to low.

9). Power input:

Plug the power adapter plug into the socket to get the power.

10). Mix out socket:

A.) Need 6.35mm plug cable.(included in the package)

B.) From the socket,

a) you can link the receiver to amplifer/speaker,etc.

b) you only can control the microphone A and B together.

Power adapter:



3) PLUG adapter

3. Transmitter:


Plastic handheld, Comfort and smooth handling experience with elegant appearance.


1) Type: Moving coil

2) Polar pattern: Cardioid

4. Application: 5. Packing Pictures:

Packing list:

1) Microphone: 2pcs 2) Receiver: 1pc 3) Audio frequency cable: 1pc 4) Adapter or Power line: 1pc 5 ) Owner’s manual: 1pc 6)1.5V Battery 4pcs (Please note: Due to transportation reasons, the battery is not issued with the goods together, please purchase by yourself, thanks!)

Please Note:

Please confirm the frequency is ok for you.

If you need other frequency, please tell us before you order.

Informations complémentaires

Poids 1.3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 21 × 13 cm
Model Number




Polar Patterns



Karaoke Microphone


Handheld Microphone



Brand Name



Dynamic Microphone

Set Type

Transmitter Sets


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